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New Release: Six Reasons - She Ready

Six Reasons - She Ready


New 2014 single - Six Reasons - Neva Had A ft Kevin McCall
Six Reasons - Six Reasons CD
Six Reasons - The Blood Drive Vol 1 Mixtape
Six Reasons - Loaded - Single Cover
Six Reasons - 80s Baby
Six Reasons - Paper Plates Mixtapes




Hailing from Watts, California, the passionate music created by Six Reasons is a direct reflection of the struggles he faced growing up. With no father around and a crack addicted mother, Six Reasons provided for himself by any means necessary. He slept on bus benches, robbed fast food joints, stole cars and sold drugs to survive. Baptism by fire either makes you or breaks you— it made Six Reasons. His name stems from the six reasons that motivate mankind:



Hello world, meet 1 of thee most talented artist of our generation! @timothywatters he has personally painted and designed for the WHO'S WHO OF CELEBRITIES ...from LADY GAGA to PRESIDENT OBAMA..and every one in between. He is the chief designer for @exbtn clothing, which is worn by many of Hollywood's elite! From Web design to custom yoga mats.. he's the man! But he hates attention! Ha so plz everyone follow and get familiar with my brother/biz partner @timothywatters! I love her with every fiber of my being, and was determined she would not grow up poor like I did. She's very articulate, well mannered..observant and HIGHLY intelligent. She calls me and says "daddy can i......." and i swear before she can even finish asking me for w.e ....I'm like "YES BABY" she's been maintaining a 3.0 since she was 9! She will be EVERYTHING I wasnt! I wake up at 7 every a.m just to txt her a positive msg that will be the FIRST thing she see's before she goes to skool and out into the world! I love her more than myself and more than life! MY eldest child little homie... my pulse... My #WCW
Never mind me, keep scrolling. I'm just being obedient right now."I had a good girl with a good job, that never ask me for a dollar, and I LEFT HER.............for a nasty bitch that swallow!" -Supa "THE S3X TAP3" COMING FEBRUARY!! #PHAROAH #ADONIS #theSEXPERT #bedroombully #COALITION #youngcalifornia #dropsquadent
Arms so big I can't wash my back...but when ur arms this big u never have to shower alone anyway! FRIDAY NIGHT TURN UP! #PHAROAH #KingTUTisALIVEI'm back in these streets like pot holes, still trying get this cheddar like nachos! -Supa real #WATTS #BARRACUDA On set of my shoot with @kaceydike × @johnny_silver lil cousin Genasis (n love with the coco) on the remix! Told u I was #Next #coalition #youngcalifornia #theFRATERNITY #Dropsquadent
Session going up with them boys @jakeandpapa ...we got one!! Lol told u niggas i was #Next The SEX TAPE COMING FEBRUARY #theSEXPERT #bedroombully #COALITION #youngcaliforniaBackstage at our show in TEXAS We ain't NEW to this..we TRUE to this! DUBB&HUBB #TBT (b4 I grew a beard)

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