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New Video Premiere: Six Reasons - Money Talk

Six Reasons Money Talk Music Video


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New Video Premiere: Six Reasons – Money Talk



Hailing from Watts, California, the passionate music created by Six Reasons is a direct reflection of the struggles he faced growing up. With no father around and a crack addicted mother, Six Reasons provided for himself by any means necessary. He slept on bus benches, robbed fast food joints, stole cars and sold drugs to survive. Baptism by fire either makes you or breaks you— it made Six Reasons. His name stems from the six reasons that motivate mankind:



Gangsta rappers in 2014! Young thug ...that's his name huh? LOL @ THE GATE KEEPERSKnocked down my audition for Tyler Perry ...knocked out a verse for Kevin Mcall ....bout to watch a movie in my private theater...laugh a little. Then I'll finish the song i got w/ @rayvenjustice "DONT WISH FOR, WORK FOR IT!"
Grown & Sexy LouisV everything! I do not own a pair of J's!! happy bday lady! @Uniquely_WeirdIf it ain't FLY it aint me.. if it aint MONEY, it aint me! THIS SATURDAY WE ON THE YATCH! hit @Uniquely_Weird up for tix!
We turning up on the ocean tonight! #yatch #party #grown #sexy Hit @Uniquely_Weird for more n4!I don't think u understand the kind of GOD I serve! This happened 5 mins after ONE PHONE CALL! smh.... believe it or it or NOT....I'm #Next lol
Class was bomb today! I'm worked the HELL out of em! They hung in there though! S/o to @juliepilat for coming to class today! U did an amazing job! Welcome to the BODY SHOP! "Don't WISH for it, WORK for it!"Did 5 sets of 245 on incline...then jumped right here and knocked down 315!!! 2 sets! Hell yeah I'm bragging! #Beast #BEDROOMBULLY #ALPHAMALE #TITAN

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