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The Blood Drive Mixtape Downlod - Six Reasons - DJ Amen - LiveMixtapes


Six Reasons - The Blood Drive Vol 1 Mixtape
Six Reasons - Loaded - Single Cover
Six Reasons - 80s Baby
Six Reasons - Paper Plates Mixtapes




Hailing from Watts, California, the passionate music created by Six Reasons is a direct reflection of the struggles he faced growing up. With no father around and a crack addicted mother, Six Reasons provided for himself by any means necessary. He slept on bus benches, robbed fast food joints, stole cars and sold drugs to survive. Baptism by fire either makes you or breaks you— it made Six Reasons. His name stems from the six reasons that motivate mankind:



Smh 3 more to of em gotta be the 1 ' s I'm looking for! This guessing game ain't bout shit! I need to start labeling! .......bout to hit these streets! #catchmeifyoucanWho els u know come in at 6am loaded and still stroll into the gym with Gucci flip flops on the next a.m! #ADONIS #TITAN #PHAROAH #BEDROOMBULLY
I been doing this. TV/movies/radio/videos "Michael Myers" #coalitionYou already know what it is! Hated by many loved by few RESPECTED by ALL! #watts #PROUD
I want to take the time. Thanks k everyone who has downloaded my new project "the blood drive vol1" thank you! #coalition #youngcalifornia #theFRATERNITYGood morning DREAM CHASERS! time to put on your track shoes and start running!
Wanna start the morning off with a HUGE congratulations to my lil sis @jessimalay !!! She'll be singing the STAR SPANGLED BANNER at the PHOENIX SUNS game! I hate to say I told you so...(actually no I dont!) But I told yall she was NEXT! haha I'm so proud! Her time is coming up! Follow now-> @jessimalay #coalition #goJESSgo #NextLook who's back! In a matter of hours! Every real one need a back bone! Thank GOD for mines! She gone always throw her Cape on fa Supa! .....but we gotta have a talk later...Cuz I done told her about saving hoes! Haha

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